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  • Welcome to Rajdhani college, Narayanpur
  • Welcome to Rajdhani college, Narayanpur
  • Welcome to Rajdhani college, Narayanpur
  • Welcome to Rajdhani college, Narayanpur
  • Welcome to Rajdhani college, Narayanpur
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Welcome to Rajdhani college

Rajdhani college is a place where students are taught in an atmosphere which is very much favourable for the development of student's individuality. There is a perfect environment for education in the college. The great efforts and certainty of the teachers brought a cent-percent result . College is forwarding on the path of success. There is a residential building for college staff in the college campus . A debate competition is also organised on every national festivals and occasions , in spite of that open Air session various competitions are also held in college. Work where there is involvement of head and heart for utility of craft for learning as well as earning. Faculty and Staff to facilitate teaching learning process with active participation and encourages the students to develop competencies for life. To transform minds into technocrats and managers, globally competitive, highly skilled through a temple of learning and knowledge. The business community is questioning the skills students acquire in college, students don't possess necessary skills to be successful in the workplace.



The College hones the responsibility of imbibing the best in its students. "Books are a person's best friend", with this notion in mind.



To keep the students abreast with the latest techniques and innovation, our laboratories set a perfect example for a futuristic vision.


Computer lab

We have state of art computer laboratories with over 35 computers. The computers in the lab have been upgraded with appropriate software.



Seminars are useful to develop ability to represent yourself. Students are motivated to do some advanced study and original research.


Courses Available

Sr. Course Subject Eligibility Duration Examination
1. B.A course subjects 12th 3 years Annually
2. B.Sc Physics / Chemistry / Math 12th 3 years Annually

Chairman's Message



Thankyou for showing faith in us. Our Institute is a fast growing institute with all modern facilities required for student's all round development. We believe in students centered quality and comprehensive education. In the College, the teachers develop scientific attitude among the students so that they may groom themselves. Our mission is to empower our students to be problem solvers, users of technology, effective communicators and life long learners in a rapidly changing global community by providing challenging experience in a safe, caring, supportive and co-operative environment and to prepare then to be successful and happy in this highly competitive and challenging future global scenario. I hope you will find total satisfaction here.

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